Vision Graph & API

Real-time interest rates and historical APR of ERC4626 interest-bearing tokens on EVM.


Data is indexed with The Graph, falling back to on-chain fetching when necessary.

Historical Data

Up to 1 year of historical data supported at all times.


Get yield rates for any standard ERC-4626 token.

Developer API

Integrate yield rates in your dApps with one API call.

Why Vision?

The ERC-4626 specification has brought a standard for yield-generating assets in DeFi. Vision allows end-users and developers to retrieve and visualise yield rates data directly computed from the blockchain.

Explore a list of ERC-4626 tokens here.

API Overview
// stETH address
const tokenAddress = "0xF9A98A9452485ed55cd3Ce5260C2b71c9807b11a"

// Fetch Vision API as JSON
const response = await fetch(`${tokenAddress}`)
const { data } = await response.json()

const stEthApr = data[data.length - 1].apr["7d"]
Used By

Vision powers all historical yield rates data on Spectra, the protocol for DeFi yield derivatives.

Built something with Vision? Reach out at @perspective_fi

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